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From the author of "The Art of Black and White Developing"

Welcome to Pictorial Planet,
a website dedicated to the fine art of analog photography and darkroom work using black and white film and paper.

Please enjoy the information here and if you want to support this website please purchase my

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My name's John Finch. I am the owner of Pictorial Planet and the author of The Art of Black and White Developing.

I've been a darkroom enthusiast since my father taught me darkroom work at eight and from the age of ten he had me making developers, stops, fixers and toners. Since then I've been a professional photographer, film maker, writer and training designer.

Throughout all this I've enjoyed sharing my work with other photographers and, to that end, I published my book (the first edition of
The Art of Black and White Developing) back in 2005.

So far my book has been updated three times and now covers all things developing in the darkroom (as well as lots of photography tips). Why not follow me on
Twitter, like my page on facebook and share this resource with your friends.

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An outstanding integration of wisdom, wit and practical information. A must read…
David M

"The Art of Black and White Developing"
is now available worldwide.

The latest Third edition is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK and Lulu. If you develop your own black and white film or paper (or want to) don't hesitate, buy this book!

ISBN: 978-0-557-07409-9

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