Prescysol EF

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Peter Hogan's Prescysol EFTM

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Prescysol EF (Extra Fine) is a unique extra-fine grain pyro-glycin developer incorporating special photographic glycin for extended tonality and pyrocatechin for tanning, staining, and high acutance.

This unique formula by Peter Hogan, offers the same tanning, staining, sharpness, and highlight control of Prescysol™ but with finer grain and glycin enhanced tonality. Some customers, who have tried Prescysol EF™, prefer this special tonality. Glycin used to be a popular developing agent but disappeared when costs for the chemical became extraordinarily high.

If you want finer grain in your photographs, and still want to enjoy the benefits of pyro staining, tanning and acutance, you need look no further than Prescysol EF™.