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New Shop!

For your complete developer system needs.

Some of the best staining and tanning developers formulated plus new Alkali-Fix, and new Alkali-Stop.

Some film photographers don't want to make their own developers, fix, or stop and would rather buy pre-made solutions.

I've been supporting the film community for many years, explaining how to make and use developers, stops, and fixes, and I'm very happy indeed that many do. However, I got to thinking, months ago, about expanding my support to those who don't want to make their own solutions so in summer 2022 I found and made contact with Peter Hogan to ask if I could make and provide his range of the Thornton and Hogan staining formulas, developers I know are of commercial quality. These had been lost, for many years from the UK and European markets being only available in the states from the Photographer's Formulary.

I have personally used these commercial developers and can recommend them. In fact, Dixactol Ultra used to be my go to developer before Thornton died in 2003 and for a short time after while it was for sale by Hogan.

So, today on September 16th, 2022 I am launching a shop to sell these particular formulas to those who have used them before and want to use them again, or to those who just don't want to make their own.

I send these developers all over the world.
If you can't order for your country please contact me and I'll work out the price for courier postage for you.

Go to shop.

I've added some TiddlyWiki ideas under resources:
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